31 August 2022

Adopt a Pet Rock (and do some STEM Challenges)!

Have you ever had a pet?  A rock makes a pretty great pet!  You don't have to feed it, walk it, or take it to the doctor.  They are quiet and they don't cause any trouble!

September 4th is National Pet Rock Day!  Why not celebrate this amazing holiday by adopting your own pet rock?
Grab a bags of river stones from the craft store or the dollar store.  Amazon also has river stones you can order.  Add some google eyes, yarn for hair, and other craft items to design your own unique pet rock.  I also grab cheap cardboard boxes from Amazon to store our rocks in!

Once you have your pet rocks, why not do some Pet Rock STEM Challenges?  These are fun and they get kids to work together to build a pet rock playground!  Most of these challenges use found materials like cardboard tubes, paper, and leftover craft items.

There are five STEM challenges included in this pack!  Click here to buy this pack of STEM challenges!

There are some engaging and interesting challenges in this set!  These challenges start by creating your own perfect pet rock!  We do these challenges over the course of the first few weeks of September!  It is also a great way to talk about playground rules.

Celebrate Pet Rocks this year!


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