03 October 2022

Different Types of Fossils - National Fossil Day - October 12th

My kids absolutely LOVE learning about fossils!  We celebrate National Fossil Day on October 12th and this is a great time to teach your students about fossils!

Fossils are the preserved remains of plants and animals that lived a long time ago.  There are actually different types of fossils.

Using one small pack of model magic, a plastic dinosaur, and a plastic dinosaur skeleton we can make examples of four different types of fossils in a much shorter period of time!  The kids can learn a lot about fossils with just a few materials!  Click this link to buy your pack today!  Students get directions and information sheets about the four types of fossils.

The trace fossils are one of my students favorites!  These show evidence of activity, like footprints, eggs, or even coprolite (a fancy word for dinosaur poop)!

This holiday is a great day to learn a little about fossils!


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