Saturday, May 23, 2015

May the 4th Be With You... (STAR WARS Engineering)

Who doesn't love Star Wars?  Well, you can do some Star Wars engineering and a great day to do it is...May the 4th!

Our Star Wars engineering question was...

How many identical paper clone troopers can your group make in 40 minutes?

Students had many different ideas and strategies to complete this STEM Engineering Challenge.  We completed the challenge and then recorded our data.  We had several other classes also complete the challenge, so we were able to compare data.

Is it time for you to use the force to get some engineering inspiration?


  1. Did the groups have to trace these or draw them from a picture?

    1. They have to freehand draw or trace them from a template.

  2. 4th edition of star wars will be released soon as in the writing service is full of engineering skills and I am excited to play it soon.I am sure this will be great invention of engineering department.


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