Monday, June 12, 2017

Connecting Math and Literature - Measurement

Throughout my years of teaching, I continue to observe that kids really respond to literature in all subject areas.  I have been working on connecting more and more of my introductory math lessons with picture books and I have noticed great results and engagement from my students.  I am also working on adding more lessons with literature throughout the math units as well.

For measurement, which always seems simple enough but is really pretty tough, we start with the book, Measuring Penny, by Loreen Leedy.  I read the book aloud to the class and then we talk about some of the different measurement topics in the book as we go through it.  This book is about measuring a pet dog, so my kids love it.  This book is a perfect way to introduce the idea of standard and non-standard measurements.  Here are a few of the books we use throughout our measurement unit in math!

In our classroom, I always put up a bulletin board for the unit we are studying.  In front of the bulletin board is a table where we keep manipulatives related to the unit as well as a basket of related books. During our silent reading time each day, students can always reread these books, which a lot of them choose to do.

I am working on making these book math labs into activities in my TPT store.  Here is the first one...

This math lab pack includes a bulletin board set for measurement as well as the two page lab pack to go with the book.  It is a great way for students to practice measuring with both standard and non-standard measurements using stuffed animals.  Click here for a link to this $2 math pack!  Stay tuned for more to come!
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