Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Straw Tower Challenge - Can you Break a World Record?

Who doesn't dream of breaking a world record?  This new STEM pack will give your students a chance to do just that!

As we were reading the novel, Masters of Disaster, by Gary Paulsen, we worked on learning more about world records since the main characters try to break them in the book (with hilarious results).

This was one of the simplest, but also the most challenging!

Out of six groups, only two were successful this time.  Students got straws and a limited amount of tape.  They learned a lot about design during this challenge.  You do not have to be successful in a STEM challenge in order to learn a lot!

We learned that you need a wide base in order to support the weight of the tower as it grows in height.  

Want to break a real world record?  Try this one!  You can find the straws/connectors on Amazon!

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