Saturday, October 21, 2017

Creepy Carrots

This is such a FUN challenge to do in the month of October!  We started by reading the book, Creepy Carrots.  It is adorable!

This Engineering Design Challenge is based on the picture book, Creepy Carrots!, by Aaron Reynolds:

Can your group create a fence that will contain a creepy carrot using the fewest number of craft sticks?

Materials: (per group)
Whole carrot (variety of sizes works best)
Sheet of cardboard (as a base)
Craft sticks
Tape and scissors

The kids had a BLAST with this challenge!  The winning team only used 13 craft sticks!  Click here to purchase the challenge!

Ugly Pumpkins

Who doesn't love a great picture book?  The Ugly Pumpkin is one of my fall favorites!

We read this book in class and then talked about the different themes in the book.  Students made their own Ugly Pumpkins that showed some emotion.

Students were able to come up with a ton of great themes for the book and they loved the end of the book when the Ugly Pumpkin says, "Oh my gosh!  I'm a squash!"

Here are our Ugly Pumpkins!  Aren't they the cutest things!  Click here for a great TPT pack using this book!
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