Monday, December 19, 2016

Paper Chair Challenge

Can you build a paper chair that can hold the weight of a stuffed animal?  This STEM challenge is always one of my students' favorites!  There is a lot of opportunity for variety in this challenge depending on whether you restrict the supplies and/or the size(s) of the stuffed animals.

For our version of the challenge, students were restricted to only 12 inches of masking tape and 2 sheets of copy paper.  This restriction in supplies provided an added challenge for my students.  In past years, I had students bring in their own stuffed animals and then use tape and paper to build a chair to hold their stuffed animal.  Either way works great!

Here are some of our solutions:

These little stuffed animals were from Amazon.  They were really inexpensive.  Students who were successful in the challenge got to keep an animal as an added bonus.  This challenge was a lot of fun!

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