Wednesday, June 12, 2013

STEM Challenge...Can you make a straw rocket?

This one is so easy to do and the kids absolutely go crazy for it!  All you need are regular straws, smoothie straws cut in half (they are wider) and tape.

Students can tape the end of either straw and then use the other one to launch!  It is fun to try both ways!
We developed a bunch of fun challenges for the straw rockets as a class and then they competed as table teams!  By having the students extend the challenge by developing their own tests and challenges for the straw rockets, they were more invested and engaged in the process.  They came up with some great ones!

Teams had to hit a bullseye to score at least 10 points, shoot the rocket a distance of 12 feet (multiple tries were added up), hit the ceiling with the rocket, and do three tricks with the rocket. 

I wonder what challenges your students could come up with to use with the straw rockets?

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