Sunday, June 16, 2013

Backmapping as a Way to Plan for STEM

We use backmaps in order to plan for our STEM projects and themes.  They are really easy to use and help us see the "big picture" one quarter at a time.   Here is a blank one.  We come up with a problem or issue related to our curriculum and then we develop projects for the topic.  We fill in supporting activities for each of the weeks of the quarter.  We also complete more detailed lesson plans each week, but the backmaps help us to stay on track.

We make these 11 x 17 size and then post them up in the classroom and we also keep a copy in our lesson plan books.  You can download the blank backmap for FREE here.

Here is an example of a completed backmap.

As you can see, these are not detailed lesson plans, but they are a great way to plan out your thinking as you develop your STEM classroom!  


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  2. Do you still implement these into your curriculum? I love the simple, straight forward layout!


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