Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blowing Big Bubbles ~ Our December Monthly School-wide STEM Challenge

We are gearing up for our next monthly challenge...BUBBLES!  We do not do anything holiday related since not all of our students celebrate the same ones, so we figured bubbles would be perfect!  These monthly school-wide challenges are purposely left open-ended so teachers can extend them as they wish.  I know in my grade level we plan to do circles in math at this time as well as dry ice bubbles and some other labs.  It should be fun!  We chose three books to include with the challenge this time and they are perfect (one is amazingly funny and informative)!  Here is the link to the December challenge packet, you could actually use it for ANY month!

Here are the books we are using.  Click on each one to be taken to the Amazon link if you are interested in purchasing them!

"Pop! A Book About Bubbles" is a great non-fiction book for all grade levels and gives great explanations about bubbles. 

"Bubble Trouble" is a fictional story about bubbles causing a lot of trouble!  Super cute!

"Bubble Homes and Fish Farts" has to be my favorite!  I thought it would be a gimmick, but it actually contains a huge amount of great information about how different animals use bubbles as an adaptation in order to survive!  I highly recommend this one even if you are not doing this challenge.  It is a fantastic book!

I hope you find a way to incorporate bubbles into your classroom!  The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Other than pipe cleaners, what do you give your teachers for supplies for this challenge?


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