Sunday, March 5, 2017

Interactive Planet Reports

Writing can be tough for my students, so I try to make it as interesting as I can in order to get my kids to enjoy writing.  During our space unit, we researched the 13 different planets in our solar system (yes, I said 13!).  There are 8 major planets and 5 minor (or dwarf) planets.  These flap reports are made by using three sheets of white construction paper.  Lay the paper staggered with about an inch gap, then fold the three sheets over to create the other flaps.

Students used books and the Internet to research the planet of their choice.  They created five headings, one per flap, based on this research, so not all reports have the same headings.  Each section contains information and drawings or pictures.


Students then made a model of their planet using Crayola model magic.  We displayed the model hanging under the report.  These reports are interactive because readers can flip through the flaps to quickly find information.

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