Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What Color were the Dinosaurs?

What color were the dinosaurs?  This is a question sure to grab students' attention!  During a fossil unit, I asked students this question and then gave them a pack of white model magic (a modeling compound made by Crayola) and a plastic dinosaur skeleton.  They came up with some great ideas!

Once students had created their dinosaur, they had to write about WHY their dinosaur had these colors, patterns, etc.  That really made them think about why animals today are different colors.  Some coloration has to do with camouflage, but there are also animals that have warning colors, or that use mimicry.  This quick lab led to some great conversations as well as the idea that there are a lot of questions that science still cannot answer.

To make the shelves for the bulletin board, I cut a square of cardboard and then stuck a T-pin through it from underneath (just stick it on the top and spin the shelf).  These shelves hold a decent amount of weight and they make it easier to display 3D objects!

What science questions have led to some of your best lessons?

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