Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glow Stick Science Labs ~ Super Easy Set-Up & Cheap Materials!

Glow sticks have to be one of my favorite dollar store finds!  My own kids love them and my students also love them!  Why not try an experiment with glow sticks in your classroom or at home with your own kids?

Question -->  How does temperature effect the brightness of a glow stick?

Materials Needed:

- 3 clear glasses or beakers
- 3 glow sticks (same color)
- water (hot, room temperature and ice cold)

Start with a hypothesis... ask the kids what they think will happen!

Crack each glow stick and then place them into each glass of water. Wait about 5 minutes.  Make observations as you wait!  Here is the link to a great FREE lab for this experiment.

Can you guess what water temperature is in each glass?  

If you are interested in a more detailed lab packet with three glow stick labs, posters, etc. click here for the link!

I hope you will try this lab!  If you have your own ideas of science labs with glow sticks, please share below in the comments!


  1. Love this idea! Can't wait to do with my kids!

    Science for Kids Blog

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