Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Make your Science Pop with Pop Rocks!

Who doesn't love Pop Rocks?  They were one of my favorite candies as a kid and I still like them now that I am all grown up!  They provide a cheap and fun way to get kids really psyched about science class (and even writing)!  I really like the Steve Spangler website, you can find very detailed directions and pictures of some great science labs there and they also have great must-have items to buy for your classroom!

One of his posts suggested trying Pop Rocks in different types of soda pop.  Here is the link to this FREE lab activity from Steve Spangler's site!

I love watching the kids' faces when they see this experiment firsthand!  One of my favorite things to do with Pop Rocks is to have the kids test not only soda pop, but WATER!  You will be amazed at the reaction the Pop Rocks have to the water!  Most kids will assume the soda pop produces the most gas...this extension to this experiment should generate a lot of questions to test!

Pop Rocks are also a great way to discuss adjectives!  Have your students come up with a list of words that can describe Pop Rocks!  You will find yourself immersed in all sorts of great words and you can discuss onomatopoeia (pop, snap, bang, boom)!

Let's get Poppin'!

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