Thursday, July 11, 2013

STEM Engineering Kit Set-Up

I am really trying to be organized this year!  As the STEM Coordinator for my building, the biggest thing teachers say they need to be successful are STEM resources.  I am working on creating kits for each of my STEM Engineering Challenges for the teachers to use throughout the school year.  I am using really sturdy cardboard boxes from Staples as well as plastic tubs (depending on the amount and size of the materials needed for each challenge).

Here is an example of a STEM Engineering Challenge Kit.  I used the title slide (laminated) as the label since it has the question on it.

I tried to put each individual item into a ziploc bag in order to keep the kit more organized.  I am going to ask teachers to place a post-it on the outside of the box if there are supplies that are needed (mainly the disposable items).

I used pocket envelope folders from Staples for the lab sheets.  I copied the lab sheets onto white cardstock paper, so hopefully they are more durable!  I glued this page onto the front of the folder and placed the rest of the lab sheets inside the folder.

I really hope the kits will be used this year in a lot of classrooms!  We will be doing some of the challenges during the first 10-15 minutes of our monthly staff meetings, which I hope will get teachers excited about trying the activities with their students!

This picture is of another engineering challenge that fit into a plastic tub.  The envelope folder is inside the tub!

Hope this helps you stay organized!  I will be having a GIVEAWAY for one of these Engineering Challenge kits during the month of August!  Stay tuned!


  1. I am really loving your STEM kits. I can't wait to do this with my class this year. I look forward to reading more posts about this.

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