Monday, February 23, 2015

STEM Break with Seed Sponges

I cannot believe it will soon be spring, and spring makes me think of growing plants!  This activity is a great one to use in the month of March!  The materials are pretty simple and I got everything from my local dollar tree!  You will need paper plates, cellulose sponges, and seed packets.  We used radishes, lettuce, and grass seeds.  Any tiny sized seeds will do!

Click here for the link to the STEM Break google doc.

Getting students to notice changes over time can be tough!  What better way to do it than with plant growth!  Students may also be surprised to see that seeds will grow without soil!  You may want to extend this idea into growing seeds in other ways (we even grew seeds in a clean baby diaper)!  The seeds need water and sunlight.  You may want to use this STEM Break as a lead-in to the needs of plants!

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